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Ezekiel Aurora is steadily creating a name for himself in the criminal underground of Luckhaven, and a new smuggling job for a valuable client seems all the more proof. But when things take a violent turn in a dark alley, Zeke finds himself forced to ask just how much blood needs to be spilled in order to finish the job.
Guns, flesh, lives; everything is for sale in the city of Luckhaven.
When Zeke, a career criminal, is hired to investigate a job gone wrong, he uncovers a horrifying secret that could shake the entire world.
A prototype android is set to be unveiled to the world and Zeke’s job is to steal it. Later, as he hangs from the balcony of the 95th floor of a hotel, he finds himself wondering how things turned south so quickly. Turns out, you only need one job to go wrong for everything to fall to pieces.

The city of Whiteridge had its share of problems, from a local crime syndicate trying to control the king to a black market that was stronger than legal commerce. But when a group of sorcerers brought an army to conquer the city, the streets ran red with blood. Klaudius cares nothing for the fate of the city or its inhabitants, but his desire to avenge his family will push him to the very source of their power, where he discovers unspeakable evils.
Armon grew up in Florida (something from which he still hasn’t recovered) and spent much of his youth in pages, devouring everything from epic fantasy and science fiction to gritty horror. After traveling much of the country and world in the Army, Armon somehow found himself living in Ohio. He currently lives in Cleveland with his wife, son, and two cats. In the rare moments he finds himself with free time, Armon enjoys powerlifting, heavy metal, hiking, and trips to wine country.